Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Producer post--power outage from blizzard

I filled the bathtub full of water for hand washing and toilet flushing. I did all the laundry I could do before the power went out so that it wouldn't be too messy in the laundry room. We have 2 gallons of water and a 12 pack of drinking water bottles. Those will be good for brushing teeth. We have wood heat so staying warm is not a problem. The only thing I don't have is a nice cup of coffee but I can heat water on the stove for some hot chocolate. My e-reader had enough battery luckily so I can finish re reading Mockingjay. We took all our frozen things outside in a garbage bag and put them in the back of jordons truck. We are eating the non perishable items we got like some granola bars and cereal bars and crackers. Nothing fancy here. I may heat a pot of water on the stove for some hot chocolate. I have some magazines I have been meaning to read. Now is the perfect time to read those. And I just realized that a battery powered or crank radio would be perfect to learn about the weather and what to expect. Or I can call someone and ask them.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bag Giveaway Update

The leader in the contest currently has 44 referrals. Have your friends stop by before midnight on Sunday so you can have a chance at the bag too!

Producer Guest Post--Recreating Daniel Boone

My dad has always said that he should have been Daniel Boone. He wishes that he lived back in the time when Daniel Boone was living so he could meet him and talk his leg off. When I was a kid, dad always had a CB radio and his handle was "Daniel Boone." He's been to Daniel Boone's stompin' ground in Boonesborough, Kentucky.

Dad asked me to take a new picture of him for his Bland County Survivorman page. So today I went to his house to take some pictures. He wanted to pose like Daniel Boone in this picture:

Daniel Boone and his trusty houn'

After dad got suited up, here's how he looked:

After a little computer magic, I arrived at this version. 

I had to enlist the help of some more modern technology.

Dad has a miniature double-dapple dachshund named Lola. While we were talking about the pictures, she overhead us saying that all we needed to make the picture perfect was a dog. Now, we knew about Lola, but we didn't think we could get that little dog to cooperate for a nice pose. Well, she wasn't happy about that. 

Here's how she looked when she came to scold us for leaving her out of the photo.
Then she put on her sweet face and asked very nicely if she could be part of the picture.

There was really no way I could say no to that face, so I assured her that we could put her there. After all, she's such a sweet pup! 

So there you have it! Bland County Survivorman as Daniel Boone with his trusty houn'. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bag Giveaway Update

Thanks for checking out my blog, you all. I wanted to give you a quick update about who all is in the contest. If your name should be here, let me know.

Remember--You have to "like" my page. Then your have to tell your friends to "like" my page too. Every time someone tells me who referred them, YOU GET YOUR NAME IN THE CONTEST.

These are the folks who are currently entered (in no particular order):

Shawnee Morton
Kumar Ponndurai
Judy Lee
Pat Smith

Thanks you all! Be sure to have your friends send me your name if you referred them.

BCSM Bag Giveaway

Hey you all! Thanks for stopping by. I have moved my website here (at the request of my producer) to make updating the site easier. She hosts a blog through Google, so if you want to check out her page click here.

Now, onto the good stuff. I'm giving away a nice cinch sac which I purchased from Thirty-One Gifts. It's in Spirit Black with "BCSM" embroidered in Kelly Green. It's a pretty nice bag.

Here's the video outlining how you can win this awesome bag:

Friday, September 14, 2012

New Website

Please be advised that this will be my new webpage. As soon as the domain change becomes available I will change this to some version of or something close. I will keep you informed.

After September 23, will no longer be a valid address.

Sorry for any inconvenience! This change is to make editing my webpage more convenient using my Google Account.